DOSELUNA is a family owned and operated boutique winery located on the northern Aegean coast of Turkey. All the grapes we use in DOSELUNA wines are grown at our own vineyard and benefit from the gentle micro-climate of Korubaşı, a small village six kilometers from the antique site of Assos and about 65 kilometers from Troy. 

The vineyard and winery overlook the Müsellim Boğazı (passage) a strait that separates the Greek Island of Lesbos from the the Turkish bay of Edremit and the legendary  Mount Ida. The gentle prevailing western winds blow through the strait creating an ideal microclimate for grapevines and olives. Indeed some of the best olive oil, grape molasses, ouzo and  wine  in the world are known to be produced along the bay and in Lesbos.

Korubaşı vineyards was established in 2003 following a detailed soil analysis carried out at Ege University  and U.C.Davis labs. Our first   Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon grapevines were planted in the spring of 2004, followed by Montepulciano and Sauvignon Blanc through the next six years, all on  R110 or R140 rootstocks as suggested by the soil analysis.

Presently there are  600 Montepulciano,1200 Sauvignon Blanc,2200 Merlot and 2400 Cabarnet Sauvignon grapevines in the vineyard  which seems to be the optimum  capacity of our fields. To ensure our commitement to remain an exclusive boutique winery with grapes from our vineyard only , our yearly wine production will be  limited to just under 10000 bottles.

General view of the vineyard with Assos in the centeral background.